How To Get Filthy Rich With Small Bets On Cryptocurrencies

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Intelligent Cryptocurrency

27 March 2020

Dear friend,

Times are very uncertain. Downright scary even.

If you’re looking for a way to hedge your bets, protect your savings or even become incredibly wealthy (even if you don’t have much risk capital)… you’ll want to continue reading so you can learn why cryptocurrencies may be the answer.

I personally believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to create anywhere between a 10x and 1000x of capital invested into it at this time of writing.

This means that even small bets of $500 could turn into as much as $5000 on the low end, or $500,000 on the high end.

I also believe that those who do not own any cryptocurrency will miss out on one of the biggest wealth creation booms in history (and may be completely financially ruined by what’s happening in the world right now).

There are many factors why I have come to this conclusion, based on data and facts available:

1 – The Bitcoin cycle

Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies) tend to move in cycles of 4 years. This is because quite literally, programmed into the Bitcoin software is the instruction that every 4 years, the daily amount of Bitcoin that gets produced gets cut in half.

This will continue to happen until approximately the year 2140 when the maximum supply of 21 million Bitcoins will be created.

Since Bitcoin is a scarce asset (limited supply, there will only ever be 21M Bitcoin), and demand for Bitcoin is growing… reducing the daily supply by 50% usually results in an increase in price. This is basic economics.

The first Bitcoin “halving” event took place in 2012

The second Bitcoin “halving” event took place in 2016

The third Bitcoin “halving” event is set to take place in May 2020

Based on past results… what do you think is likely to happen to the price?

2 – The Economic Uncertainty

We’ve just witnessed the fastest 30% stock market crash in history.

The entire world is on lockdown.

Banks have enormous multiples of their assets in derivative bets.

Is your bank even solvent?

Could you take the currency out of your bank today if you wanted to?

Probably not, as they all operate on fractional reserve banking, meaning they only need to keep a small fraction of deposits on hand. If everyone wanted their cash at the same time, there simply wouldn’t be enough.

With Bitoin and cryptocurrencies, you can 100% control the private keys and no 3rd party can confiscate your coins in the way a regular bank can freeze your bank account or simply say you can’t access your cash.

For this reason, I foresee many people that will move a portion of their savings into cryptocurrencies in the future as a hedge against the fiat currency banking system.

3 – The Unlimited Fiat Currency Printing

Bitcoin was created in 2009 as “sound money“.

With central banks announcing “unlimited” fiat currency creation to combat the economic crisis, history has shown that this doesn’t end well.

5000+ fiat currencies have gone to 0. This is the fate of all fiat currencies.

Look at what happened to Germany’s currency in the 1900’s, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina… to name a few.

Traditionally, precious metals such as gold and silver have acted as stores of wealth during fiat currency inflation.

But now there are new kids on the block. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies.

They’re digital, easy to access and allow you full control so nobody can confiscate them (unless by force).

I forsee many people wanting to own cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation of currency (which results in decreased purchasing power) as a consequence of unlimited stimulus which is currently happening.

4 – The Growth Of The Technology & Industry

A few years ago, cryptocurrencies were reserved for the nerds and early adopters of the world that saw the potential of what could be.

A few years ago it was difficult to purchase cryptocurrencies, and there were many obstacles to overcome (where to buy it, how to store it, was it legal, risk of hacks etc.).

Since those times, the technology and infrastructure of cryptocurrencies have grown enormously.

It’s become incredible easy to purchase cryptocurrency within minutes of creating an account…

On several exchanges such as Gemini your currency deposits are now FDIC insured…

And many exchanges are now fully compliant and legal, making it much easier and safer for retail investors and institutional investors to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Who Am I & How Can I Help You

My name is Dirk de Bruin & I bought my first Bitcoin back in 2014.

I witnessed the first boom in 2013 when Bitcoin made a new high of over $1000.

I also saw the crash back down after that boom, and I decided to buy some Bitcoin at levels in the $200’s per Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin didn’t do much for 18 months, and once Bitcoin finally started to move higher, I was pretty happy with doubling my money and cashed out for a low-five figure sum.

I’m still kicking myself today for doing that, as during the 2017 boom those Bitcoins I had would have been worth more than 7 figures.

Heck, they’d even be worth six figures at the time of writing.

I’ve been creating content and educating people about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on a large scale since mid-2017.

Not only do I believe cryptocurrencies are a HUGE opportunity to create enormous wealth for regular people, but I also want to share my experience and knowledge to help those new to crypto.

Besides the fact that it can be a learning curve to understand how to start using cryptocurrencies, there are also many scammers preying on the newbies.

Through my content and education I aim to help as many people as possible to avoid getting scammed.

I’ve travelled around the world to many conferences over the years to have first-hand access to information and new developments…

I’ve interviewed many founders of cryptocurrency projects…

My team and I actively research the markets for dozens of hours per week and we compile the best information into a monthly newsletter for our members inside Intelligent Cryptocurrency.

What You Get When You Join Intelligent Cryptocurrency

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This is an 18-lesson course designed to get you up to speed on all things cryptocurrency. You’ll learn about the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but also where to securely buy cryptocurrency, how to safely store your cryptocurrency once you own it, how to use hardware wallets and much more.

This course is created as over-the-shoulder training and comes in both video and written form.

Technical Analysis, Trading & Money Management Course

This is a detailed course that gets you up to speed on reading charts (technical analysis), common patterns, how to buy and sell, my preferred strategies for trading cryptocurrencies with the least amount of risk possible, and the most important thing of all… money management.

The concepts taught in this course can be applied to other financial markets too such as Forex, Stocks or Commodities.

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Do you guarantee results?

There is no guarantee of results of any sort. Intelligent Cryptocurrency is an education business and nothing we provide is to be considered financial advice, tax advice or legal advice in any way shape or form. Please read the full disclaimer in the footer below.

Do you offer trading signals?

There are no trading signals provided. Intelligent Cryptocurrency is an education business, and while Dirk does from time to time share his personal trade ideas, these are for educational purposes only and should not be considered a “trading signal” or financial advice of any sort.

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No, Intelligent Cryptocurrency is an education business and not in the business of managing or trading funds on behalf of others.

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Yes! As a member of Intelligent Cryptocurrency you receive full access to a complete beginners training course, as well as access to a members only chat group where you can ask questions in real-time. This makes it perfect for complete beginners to get up to speed and learn about cryptocurrencies.

What kind of support do you offer?

Besides regular help-desk support via email, members also have access to the private chat groups where they can ask questions in real-time.

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