Warning: You could make SERIOUS COMMISSIONS promoting us!

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

Earn 50% commissions per sale of $1997 usd!

Why Promote Intelligent Cryptocurrency?

High commissions, low refunds, happy customers!

For me personally it's always important to promote a product that actually helps the people who buy it while also being able to make great commissions with low refunds.

Intelligent Cryptocurrency has been around since 2020 (with many years of experience before that).

We have over 1500 VIP members and over 600,000 combined followers on social media.

The standard and quality of the content and support that customers get inside our members area is excellent so you can feel great about promoting our membership knowing that everyone who buys will get exactly what is advertised (and more).

We as still so early to crypto and as the space continues to grow over the coming years we will continue to grow. There is currently very little competition and the market is completely wide-open. Millions of people have yet to learn about crypto and our membership is the perfect place to help them with their crypto journey!

How To Promote Intelligent Cryptocurrency?

We use Digistore 24 as our sales and affiliate platform. They have been excellent without downtime, payment issues or disputes and as such we are happy to continue to use them.

To promote the Intelligent Cryptocurrency membership you will need to create a free account at:



Once you have your account, you can simply edit the link below and replace "YOURAFFILIATEID"
with your Digistore24 affiliate ID:



DIRECT LINK TO JOIN PAGE (USE ONLY if the lead is ready to buy and doesn't want to watch the masterclass):



Once you have your link you can start sending traffic to it.

Digistore 24 uses 180 day cookies with their affiliate tracking, meaning that any cookied user you send to us will earn you commissions on sales for up to 180 days after the click.

We use a high-converting VSL presentation in our funnel, combined with a carefully crafted sales followup email series to convert visitors into buyers. After this followup series we continue to build the trust and relationship with our email subscribers to continue to increase conversions in the weeks and months that follow.


Please be ethical about promoting us.

This means, do NOT pretend to be us on social media in order to make sales.

Do not create social media pages or websites using our logo and content in order to push affiliate sales.

Follow CFTC guidelines, don't email spam etc.

Promoting in an unethical way could result in your affiliate account being terminated and your commissions forfeited.

Marketing Material

Check back soon for marketing and promo material.